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Welcome to Acme!

Our goal, at every party, is to shoot in such an unobtrusive way that many of your guests will not even be aware that we were there and doing our job!

Acme Video and Creative Custom Photography accomplishes this by:
- Primarily shooting hand held
- No Carts, wagons or rolling tripods
- No wires
- No bright (i.e. BLINDING) lights
- Smooth and personal shooting style

About Acme Video

Under the creative eye of owner Dennis Goldberg, and his dedicated, professional staff, your special day will be captured on video and in photos unlike any other studio. Both your video and photos will truly reflect the feelings and emotions of your special day.

With our careful attention to detail and theme planning, you can be assured of customized quality images. Referrals from our many satisfied clients and recommendations by top DJ's, Bands, Caterers and Party Planners give us the well-respected reputation that we have . . . over twenty five years and still growing!

Video and Photo

Acme Video and Creative Custom Photography also specializes in Multi-Camera angles. Whether it be from our high-step panoramic ladder, down on our knees, from the back of the dance floor or the extreme sides of the party room, we will cover it all!
(Not just the same people moving in the center of the dance floor all night!)

We then blend and edit these different camera angles with smooth scene transitions and effects. The end result can make your video dynamically appear as if you had more than one cameraman. The visual impact is Dramatic!

Also, for weddings, don't forget to give us your honeymoon photos/videos to add to the end of your wedding video.

All of our photographers not only have many years of professional experience, but are personable and attentive to all of your needs.

We generally shoot a combination of the traditional posed portraits as well as the candid/fun and unplanned pictures.

Before every event, we are sure to discuss and review the type of shooting style that best suits your personalities. Whether it's photo-journalistic, casual, black & white or any other style you desire.

Designed By: The Greene Touch, LLC


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Photography, Videography, Manalapan NJ

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Wedding Photography, Videography, Marlboro NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Manalapan NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Freehold NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Millstone NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, East Brunswick NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Monroe NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Morganville NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Old Bridge NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Colts Neck NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Warren NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Westfield NJ

Wedding Photography, Videography, Livingston NJ


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