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Party Cam

We will record your child's audio verbage for each candle, edit in titles, photos and/or video of each person(s) being honored, set it to appropriate music and project it live for the actual Party candlelighting. This really makes what can be a long and confusing ceremony into a very emotional display. Imagine honoring grandparents and featuring photos and/or video while they make their way to light the candle. Or when your child lights a candle for relative no longer with you, you see photos and/or video of these important loved ones. Powerful - not a dry eye in the house. It is unbelievable.

When rear projection or a large reception space is feasible, we may generate a live feed of the dancing and other events at the party. Please ask us about this. It is a real crowd energizer, kids and adults both love watching themselves on screen. A surefire way to ignite the party!


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